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club.jpg (29233 bytes)The Vinnitsa Religious Community of Progressive Judaism has been in existance since 1996. The necessity of creating this community was due to the fact that the town Jewish community itself is a secular organization. But with step-by-step development of the Jewish society in Vinnitsa region, and with steady development of Jewish self-consciousness there appeared agroup of people, who wanted more Jewish spiritual content.It should be noted that the trend toward progressive Judaism, for this group, was an optimal choice.kinder.jpg (34387 bytes)

Though the Vinnitsa Religious Community of Progressive Judaism is very young and its members number is small,this is not an obstacle in organization and carrying out of the religious arrangements. Other Jewish organizations render essential assistance in this.

The Vinnitsa Religious Community of Progressive Judaism works actively with children hupa1.jpg (29172 bytes)and youth. Meetings of the members of the Community with children of the Jewish group “Tsyporim” at the kindergarten became traditional. So young children became familiar with the spiritual life of Jews.

It is customary to give gifts on the Jewish holidays in our Community.hupa2.jpg (26810 bytes)

On Friday evening these children, with their fathers and mothers come to share shabbat with the family club, where our members get together. Meetings of Saturday m,eetings are quite merry, with and music and song.

The brightest event in our community life was the firstprogressive “hupa” in the Ukraine, which took place on December, 1999. Dmitry Pisman and Diana Zilberman have their married according to Jewish traditions. Head rabbi of the religious amalgamation of the Communities of Progressive Judaism of Ukraine, Alexander Dukhovny, gave his blessing to this marriage.

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